Cinema Craft Encoder MP

Cinema Craft Encoder MP


Cinema Craft® Encoder MP (CCE-MP) adopts the same high-quality encoding engine used in the Cinema Craft Xtream (CCX) systems. This sets the benchmark quality standard for Hollywood DVD titles. We are proud to announce that CCE-MP enables Apple Compressor 3/3.5/4 users the ability to encode their content to world-class high-quality MPEG2 files.

CCE-MP is not available as a download and has no testdrive. It is boxed with a CDROM and has a USB dongle.

Cinema Craft Encoder MP is currently out of stock


Virtual Multi-Pass Encoding

CCE-MP performs multiple "in memory" passes (between 2 and 8) during each "physical" encoding pass to ensure precise correlation between distortion level and available bitrate before actual output. This enables CCE-MP to achieve the highest picture stability and the highest picture quality without unexpected fluctuation in both bitrate and distortion.

Advanced Adaptive Quantization Matrix

CCE-MP with Advanced Adaptive Quantization Matrix functionality creates variation matrices such as x 1/4, x 1/2, x 1, x 2, and x 4, and applies an appropriate one automatically. Thus, CCE-MP achieves the highest quality without time-consuming adjustments of the quantization matrix

Advanced Adaptive GOP Structure

CCE-MP will simulate thousands of possible GOP structures based on motion detection, then automatically adapt the most effective GOP structure for the video sequence.

Multi-pass encoding

CCE-MP allows 3 to 99 physical passes for multi-pass encoding. By repeating passes, the picture quality can be automatically improved.

Automatic field-based scene change detection.

During the encoding process, CCE-MP scans ahead of a current frame so that approaching video data can be captured. The pre-scanned data is then rapidly analyzed to identify the first frame of an approaching scene. CCE-MP then automatically sets the first frame as an I-frame of the Closed GOP.


Software - Version 1.0

MPEG2 Video ITU-T Rec.H262, ISO/IEC13818-2 (MP@ML/MP@HL only)
Output file MPEG2 Video Video ES
Output frame size Up to 720x576
Output frame rate 23.976 ... 30fps
Aspect ratio Square pixel/4:3/16:9/2.21:1
Encoding mode CBR Single pass/Multi pass
VBR Multi pass
Bit rate MP@ML Up to 15Mbps
MP@HL Up to 40Mbps
GOP length I-frame interval Up to 15
I, P-frame interval Up to 3
Virtual Multi-Pass Encoding ™ Performs multiple quantization passes during a single pass.
Advanced Adaptive Quantize Matrix ™ Automatically optimizes for the best quantize matrix.
Advanced Adaptive GOP Structure ™ Automatically optimizes for the best GOP structure for each GOP.
I-frame insertion Automatically inserts an I-frame at the scene change.
Ability to change the frame you specify to an I-frame.
DVD player bugs avoidance Against some hidden violations within particular DVD players.
Note: No warranty for interoperability.

System requirements

System Intel based Mac
Memory 2GB of RAM
OS Mac OS X 10.7/10.6/10.5
Software Compressor 4/3.5/3