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Fast and Furious

Cinema Craft® encoders (version 3) are optimized for the latest multi-core Intel Xeon processors, including Haswell for faster than real-time encoding.

Workflow Zen

Cinema Craft encoders (version 3) fit your workflow! Native ingest of RAW, AVI, YUV, MOV, ProRes HQ/422/444, Reference files, XDCAM, HVD, DNxHD, DPX, MXF, Canopus Lossless and Grass Valley HQX.

Flexible Choices

Delivered as stand-alone encoding software applications, Cinema Craft encoders (version 3) run on many hardware configurations and manufacturers of your choice.

The Right Stuff

More than just an encoder, Cinema Craft provides sophisticated tools and features designed to optimize visual quality on a scene level efficiently.

Think Segments

Lighting, motion, color. Every scene is different and the desired effect can be elusive. Defined as segments, you control each scene and encode quickly for review.

Multi-Pass Encodes

Cinema Craft multi-pass encoding algorithms analyze your video, increasing bitrate when needed and adjusting itself to produce the finest visual quality possible.  

Special Filters

Cinema Craft HD authors control specialized filters to optimize each segment, with real-time preview for comparison of source vs. encoded results.

View to a Thrill

Cinema Craft HD encoders support HDMI and SDI output, for instant viewing on a television or studio monitor during scene optimization.

Only The Best

Cinema Craft encoders produce the most awesome Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray and DVD titles. When only the best will do, follow Hollywood and choose Cinema Craft.